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Brandywine Bartending School supplies the hospitality and private sector with professionally trained bartenders and staff. Through mentorship and practical education our students acquire the skills necessary to outperform their competitors, work as a team, and become the most sought after job applicants.

About Brandywine

Established in 2011 by hospitality expert team of brothers, Dave and Geoff Mott, they modernized bartending training in Vancouver.  Brandywine has become a highly recognized trade school, team building venue, and private cocktail bar.

Brandywine provides classes in bartending and serving skills for entry level applicants, as well as experienced service staff wishing to retrain or up their game as cocktail makers.

Our instructors share their knowledge of spirits, wine, and the preparation of drinks through a true to life experience at the Brandywine bar where fresh garnish,  genuine cocktail ingredients, beer, and wine are used.

Brandywine's job placement program arranges work for grads through private events and our network of contacts in Vancouver.

Master the Modern Cocktail.

"I just had my first gig as a bartender last night and made some great money ... I came with absolutely no experience in the hospitality industry whatsoever, but in two weeks I had acquired a whole range of new skills and knowledge. They really work hard to ensure that you learn and understand the material.  What's more, after you graduate the guys will help you retool your resume, and try to help connect you with a job."

Erik: Advanced Cocktail Grad


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