Glassware of Interest: Breakfast Television - Creepy Cocktails are all about garnish.

Life is an interesting combinations of randomness and opportunity.  When Geoff and I were returning glasses to A & B Party Rentals after a private event we put together for an old friend we were surprised to be there at the same moment as our old friend Tamara Slobogean.  She had been recently married and was organizing returns at the same coincidental moment.

It had been years since we connected with Tamara so we caught up in the lot outside the rental shop.  After a couple minutes of reminiscing we came to realize that we were in  good position to work together on a segment for City TV's Breakfast Television. Turns out Tamara had become a producer on the show and could use some good bartenders from time to time.  

A couple months past and then in late October we got the call. "Can you do some creepy cocktails for our Halloween segment- live on Friday?" It was Wednesday!  "No problem.", we said.  "And with dry ice." BUY DRY ICE HERE

We had done some Halloween drinks already in mind so we got organized and presented them last Friday.

Thanks a lot Tamara.  Life is a wonderful surprise some time.

-Dave & Geoff