- Top Eight Things to do With Friends -

Last year we were asked by a Toronto based writer a few questions about our awesome cocktail class Cocktail Wars! for an upcoming edition of Canadian Living Magazine.  It was release this month and we were proud to see Brandywine listed as number 5 on the list of fun friend meet-ups and to be the fine company of all the other great Canadian Businesses featured. Check it out here: Canadian Living February Edition

Thanks to Marissa Manglapus for the excellent comments on our classes. She's been to Modern Classics and Cocktail Wars! so her opinion was truly informed.

It got me thinking about what a good experience really means to people out there. Sure, fine dinners and cocktails with good service have always been the norm, but it seems like the crowd is really looking for memorable moments beyond what we've seen before in the hospitality industry. Just look at the growth of Escape Rooms like Smartypantz in Gastown or the success of the Dirty Apron down on Beatty street to see the popularity of these sort of activities.  Brandywine workshops and seminars combine good experiences with a touch of social interaction.  Great events and great people. 

Smartypantz:  http://smartypantz.ca/   The Dirty Apron: https://www.dirtyapron.com/

Here's to great times and even better drinks!!

~~ Dave and Geoff  ~~