5 STARS - Good ppl ~ Dima Mekhlis: Restaurant Owner & Staff Placement Client

We had a GREAT time at the cocktail class! Ready to take over the world now...one cocktail at a time. ~ Lori Lee Santos: Cocktail Wars! Student

Such a good experience. Anyone interested in bartending should go here!! amazing, fun and welcoming environment. ~ Tori MacGregor: Essential Certificate Grad

It was fun, interactive and educational. i fXXXing loved it. ~ Caroline Verstappen: Industry Certificate Grad

Had a great time. Loved all the drinks, techniques and both instructors were great. ..... Thank you! ~ Darren Hollett: Modern Cocktails Student

I took a 2 week long course at Brandywine and had an awesome time! I learnt more than I ever thought I would! Dave and Geoff are so patient and super knowledgeable. I would 100% recommend this class if you're a beginner who wants to become a bartender or you're just wanting to learn how to make some funky cocktails! ~ Clara A: Essential Certificate Grad

Extremely professional and knowledgeable, would recommend highly if you want to go beyond simple drink recipes, and understand the purpose behind every ingredient and technique. Sets you up very well to develop your own sophisticated style of bartending. Few bartending teachers would be able to offer an experience which Dave and Geoff created for our group.. We were amazed at the level or helpfulness from the school when booking our seminar, Dave went through every aspect of how the day would go, and adapted the seminar and his teaching methods to our specific group. Dave and Geoff were able to connect strongly with the students from all over the world, drawing bartending techniques and different aspects of mixology from the students own cultures. ~ Sherman Kwaii: UBC Team Building Coordinator

I've been to a couple bar tending schools now and this one is by far the best. You're not just learning to mix drinks here, you're learning how to become a "bartender". I've been to a couple bar tending schools now and this one is by far the best. Everything was so personal, I felt like a friend first and a student second. They even helped me with my resume and in applying for a job COMPLETELY ON THEIR OWN TIME. They've also extended me invites to join in on seminars and to catch up. These are the kind of people you want in your corner if your starting up or just need a refresher. Thanks a lot Dave and Geoff you earned this review. ~ Dean: Industry Certificate Grad

 If you are in the service industry, or ever want to be, go to Brandywine. When I went to Brandywine, I was already bartending and had only a pretty basic knowledge of cocktails and liquor. Well, did these guys ever change that! Learned to make drinks as fancily as those in Vancouver's best cocktail bars, get instruction from two guys who seriously know what they're doing, and gain more than enough knowledge to make people say "Woah, how on earth do you know that?" ~ Jane Ingram: Industry Certificate Grad

I just had my first gig as a bartender last night and had a great time and made some great money.  Brandywine Bartending School has got to be one of the best bartending schools out there. I came to Brandywine with absolutely no experience in the hospitality industry whatsoever, but in two weeks I had acquired a whole range of new skills and knowledge. Both instructors are very knowledgeable and experienced and their different teaching styles complement each other. They really work hard to ensure that you learn and understand the material.  What's more, after you graduate the guys will help you retool your resume for the hospitality industry and try to help connect you with a job. If you're interested in bartending at all, give Brandywine a call! ~ Erik: Professional Certificate Grad

I  recently took Brandywine's World of Bitters course with my girlfriend.  We both enjoyed ourselves and had a great time learning about bitters, syrups and infusions.  There was plenty of hands on learning with lots of guidance.  Dave and Geoff both made learning fun and passed a great deal of their knowledge on to us. I look forward to trying the syrups that we made in cocktails! ~  Riley S: World of Bitters Student

"Great class!! The instructors really know what they're talking about. 4.5 stars!" ~ Jordan Lu: Modern Cocktails Student


I attended the Brandywine Bartending International Cocktail Class seminar (Modern Classics) which was hosted on a Sunday night by owners Dave and Geoff.  The class was very informative providing information about the history of different cocktails, the chemistry behind a cocktail and most importantly how to mix cocktails.  They highlighted some great classic cocktails as well was their own twists on originals.  Throughout the evening you get to taste a variety of cocktails prepared by the instructors and by the other students in the class.  Dave and Geoff were great with all the students wanting to learn how to make their own favorite cocktails.  It was a great way to spend an evening enjoying a drink, meeting new people and expanding your knowledge.  I highly recommend this to anyone interested in learning more about cocktails.  There are also a few small restaurants along Union Street that would be a perfect place to enjoy dinner prior to the class. ~ Anita B: Modern Classics Student 

These guys are great! We designed custom cocktails for our wedding and they were DELICIOUS!!!  We used two of their recent grads as bartenders, and saved a few bucks while giving some new bartenders some real-world experience.  Win Win! ~ Stephano: Cocktail Styling and Staff Placement Client

Brandywine bartended our wedding last weekend.  Dave was amazing.  From day one, he helped us create two delicious cocktails for our guests.  He organized all of the gear and amounts of rentals (glasses, etc) for the bar, so we didn't have to worry about it on the day (FYI our venue was not a typical wedding venue so the bar and everything had to be brought in).  He was super knowledgeable so we did not overbuy or under buy different drinks/mixes... as we probably would have!  At the end of the day, it was great. Our guests loved both of the signature drinks that were created.  We loved our sample day, when we got to try all the different variations! ~ Ella S: Cocktail Styling and Staff Placement Client