This week’s glassware was tequila inspired.  Short glasses for shooters with Pacifico bottles on the side in true Latino style.  Geoff then ordered a Cadillac Margarita... at El Camino’s and the server didn’t even care. The addition of Grand Marnier was expected at this excellent Tequila bar. The thing is - it's all about the vast tequila selection, and you could order anything.  Main Street was alive as ever.

Frosty mugs of salt rimmed goodness on the enclosed patio brought the amazing experience of flavors. Tequila, it’s hard, that what it is. The cool Mint & Pineapple chaser chilled the intensity of the Tigre.

The taste reminded us of the complexity of the Spicy Husky created at Brandywine that afternoon during our Team Building event Cocktail Wars!. A surprising balance of heat using Chinatown sourced red chilies, Apricot Liqueur and black pepper bitters.

We recommend this patio for the last minutes of sunlight in Vancouver anytime.


~~ Dave and Geoff  ~~